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Platinetti Guido

Azienda Agricola Platinetti Guido is a typical family-run business. The surface area extends to 5 hectares of productive vineyards in the municipality of Ghemme. It includes plant systems listed on the register of Ghemme DOCG, Colline Novaresi DOC as the following types: Nebbiolo, Barbera, Vespolina, Bianco and Rosato.

The company's goals are quality, typicality and respect for the environment. The quality of our products is mainly the result of the choice of vineyards with south-west exposure, on the first hill of Ghemme, the Ronco Maso vineyard, which guarantees soil with a good structure, minerals and an excellent position.

The typicality of the wines is achieved by respecting traditions, vineyard management and vinification, and the use of modern technologies. Attention is paid to environmental issues and the genuineness of products, with the total abolition, over the last ten years, of mineral fertilizers, herbicides and synthetic insecticides, and the specific use of fungicides (pest control).

The wines of Azienda Agricola Platinetti Guido are not the result of business compromises but are intended for tasting by consumers who are looking for straightforward, distinct and genuine flavours, almost impossible to find today.