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Monte dei Ragni

In the municipality of Fumane, on the ridge that from the town of Bure (220 m asl) reaches the inhabited area of ​​Mazzurega (430 m asl) for five generations, the Ragno family has directly managed their land, cultivating and making their own grapes. It also produces cherries and olives, obtaining a precious oil from the latter. In the first decades of the twentieth century, it offered its wine directly to two renowned taverns in Verona.

The vineyards, about 6-7 ha, are in full exposure on poor soil, ideal for the cultivation of the vine, interspersed with numerous and characteristic dry stone walls, the marogne, with typical simple pergola arrangement that allows the best insolation and cultivation operations. Interspersed there are rows of olive trees and cherries which at the end of March, with flowering, offer a breathtaking view.

The MONTE DEI RAGNI company was born on land owned by the Ragno family.
It takes its name from the hill where it is located, as a consequence of the fact that it was named on the historical land register drawn up during the Austrian domination.