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Matteo Correggia

All the wines by Matteo Correggia are the result of personal experience, and there is no room for fashion or doctrine.

The concern has always persevered when the results have been good, but never stopping to dare or consider what could be done better. Wine making takes place in modern wine cellars, in stainless stell vats at controlled temperature, while ageing is done in the large rooms created under the hill where Marun first began, in contact with the fossil rich millennial marlstones, that give them the dampness and quitness necessary as the perfect compliment to the whole process in the vineyards and wine cellars. the barrels and casks are carefully selected for the wines they will host, and gradually replaced according to a twenty-years pratice geared to avoid olfactory impact from the wood. All wines are bottled on the premises, in dedicated areas, where a large warehouse for stocking the bottles underground is attacched. The bottles are also labeled here, in keeping with Matteo Correggia Concer tradition. They are decorated with paintings by Coco Cano depictiong the gentle slopes planted with vines and bathed by the roero's hot sun.