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Jankara 'was founded in 2006 when Renato and Angela Spanu bought 8 hectares of land "virgin" in the prestigious "Vein of San Leonardo" located in the hills of Gallura, and in 2008 planted the first 4 hectares entirely grape Vermentino.

Jankara is situated in Upper Gallura, 300 meters above sea level near Lake Liscia, between Sant'Antonio di Gallura and Luras, just 25 minutes from prestigious beaches of the Costa Smeralda. A deep passion for Sardinia, and in particular for its Gallura, brought Renato and his wife Angela to realize their dream of producing a high-level wine and promoting the beauty and richness of the mountains and granitic soils of the world Gallura. After so much sacrifice the couple with the help of their new members Angelo and Denise have created "Jankara" a true expression of their love for wine and the ancient land of Gallura.

Jankara's Vermentino di Gallura is considered to be one of the best in Italy.