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Damijan Podservic’s story is full of commitment, love for the land, for the culture and the traditions. He projects his personality in his wines: “The wine is the only thing in which I feel that I can dare to do something really personal. You have to dare, to aspire to the maximum.”

Damjian perceives the wine as food for the soul and for this reason it has to be the best nourishment. With this belief, the wines are natural and are made from “earth, vine and seeds”: the grapes are harvested manually and slight late to ensure that also the seed are mature to avoid astringent tannins and bitterness. All the wines undergo a prolonged period of skin contact (60-90 days) obtaining a great structure and life potential and a backbone of delicate tannins, even in the white wines. In this phase, plunging the cap is fundamental: Damijan does it himself manually.