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The Garda Classico and Lugana appellations, between Lake Garda and Brescia, form a gently rolling landscape. Geologically, the area goes back to some 70-80 million years ago, when glaciers melted, forming morainic amphitheaters, lakes and hills up to 980-990 feet, made up of around 60 different kinds of soil, from clay to limestone and rock, which supply wines with a wealth of beneficial quality components.

Nestled among the hills on the western shore of Lago di Garda is the village of Moniga del Garda. In the words of Costaripa owner and winemaker Mattia Vezzola, it is “one of the world's northernmost territories to enjoy a climate that is almost Mediterranean.”

True enough, the stretch of land between Salò and Limone reminds one of the Amalfi coast rather than Lombardy. One of Mattia’s top priorities is maximizing local potential.
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    Costaripa - BRUT s.a Metodo Classico

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    From 100% Chardonnay grapes from the best areas of Lake Garda and Iseo, 35% of fermenting musts in small white oak barrels of 228 litres.