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Cantine Monfort

Our wines are the result of our work, made of passion and dedication which have been our trademark for 70 years. They are the fruit of the deep connection with our land: Trentino.

Year after year, grape harvest after grape harvest, we have shaped our tradition. Our work is strictly tied to the cyclic nature of the grape vine and the transformation of its noble fruit into wine, this has allowed us to write important pages of the life of our winery. The deep roots that tie us to our Trentino and its amazing land, the agronomic and oenological abilities of our technicians, allow us to reach excellent results and prizes both in Italy and abroad.

They are our proud and a way to encourage all the team to work always better. In the 50’s, our forefathers decided to move the family business from Palù di Giovo to Lavis, a small village. As the time passed by, the winery grows in size and, as it was surrounded by houses, the only way to expand our building was underground and so we realized a real vault. You can never image such an amazing room unless you visit it. A small treasure chest in the middle of the town that we’ve preserved just for you.