Maso Cantanghel - Pinot Nero 2013


This Pinot Nero comes from a single vineyard called Vigna Cantanghel situated at an altitude of 500 m a.s.l. in the municipality of Civezzano on the foothills of Lagorai chain. The vineyard, isolated on a ridge of rock and bordered by a very old typical dry stone wall, overlooks the river Fersina. The southern exposure, the perfect microclimate, the constitution of the soil and the low yield per hectare (50 q/ha) areessential in creating an unique wine in Trentino. The soil is mainly composed of limestones and clayes. The high permeability allows water to move rapidly that is also favored by the slope of the hill. The average age of vines, grown on the guyot system, is around 25 years. Harvest by hand with collection in cases, after a thorough selection, about at the end of September. Trading and fermentation in French oak vats (temperature by 28-35 °C, daily stomping). After 20-25 days follows the drawing off from the vats, subsequently the wine is racked in barriques. Here it remains for 12 months. This period refines the characteristics of finesse and elegance of Pinot noir, without betraying his peculiarity. Bright and vivid ruby red. Elegant and soft taste, with notes of raspberry and redcurrant.

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